I have been 43 for a whole 7 days now, and boy its been an event filled week. I’ve had a visit to the the Women’s & Children’s Hospital, a visit to the police station and I visited a pub I’ve never been to before.

So, what have I learnt this week?

1. I learnt that Facebook is an interesting place to hang out on your birthday. I have 368 ‘Friends’. I got birthday messages from 134 friends. This made me feel especially special!! But this got me thinking. Am I not friends with the other 234 people? Did they not see it was my birthday? Did they not log onto Facebook on this day at all. Are they ever on Facebook? Do they just lurk around in the background and not interact? Do people get that many notifications that they miss the one saying it’s your friends birthday? It is a bit disheartening when you don’t get a birthday message from friends when I make to effort to send them one.


2. I learnt that 10 year old boys are “inquisitive”, to use a better word. Monday afternoon school pick up was like any other school pick up. Kids get in car, ask if I bought snacks etc, before I can even get a word out. The conversation with Mstr 10 went like this:

“Hey mum.”

“Hey buddy, how was your day?”

“Good thanks. I’ve got magnets stuck up my nose.” Said with straight face, no expression.

“Oh, really? Is this a joke?” Me trying not to laugh, and trying to be serious at the same time.

“No. I have one stuck up each nostril and I can’t get them out.”

Me now realising that he was serious, even though Mstr 10 wasn’t really that phased with the whole situation.

“How did they get stuck up your nose?”

“We found them under the desk and we were trying to make nose rings and see if they stick together and they went up my nose.”

Me now thinking how the hell and I going to get them out.

“Can you blow them out? Does the teacher know?”

“No and no.”

So off to the GP we went as a walk in and they wouldn’t/couldn’t help and told us to go to the hospital. They didn’t want to risk causing any damage with an extraction.  A quick stop at home to get some supplies for what I thought would be a long wait and off to the hospital we went.  paid $7.50 for a park on the street. We checked in at 4.20pm and we walked out at 5.2o pm.  The nurse was great and humorous. After a spray of some numbing medication up his nostrils, she was able to use a probe and the magnets just attached themselves onto the end and out they came. “Easiest nose extraction I’ve ever done!” the nurse announced. And we were done, an hour was all the time we were there.   I think we must have got there in the lull between the day time emergencies and the night time ones. Mstr 10 had 2 ball bearings taken from his nose and popped into a specimen jar for me to take to school the next morning and tell his teacher about.


3. I learnt that I have come a long way in the last 6 months with my self confidence. Wednesday night saw the first of many group meetings for my Manuscript Incubator course that I spoke about last week.  In times before, I would be feeling terribly nervous and sick to the stomach at the thought of walking into a group environment and not knowing anyone at all.  I am a classic introvert. Not one to blow my own whistle or stand out in a crowd. I excel at listening, buy lack the get up and go to feel at home with a group of unknown people.  There are 14 females in the group, no one male (not sure what that means, maybe men don’t think they need help?!). We are all different ages, some are retired, some work part time, some full time, some have established pieces of work, some have lots of journals. Some have degrees and some like me have nothing, just there as I have a story in my head I want to write.  Don’t get me wrong, when it was my turn to introduce myself and talk about my “project”, I did falter and stumble, but I felt proud of who I am and what I want to write about. One of my favorite inspirational authors, Brene Brown, talks about stepping into the arena, being brave and vulnerable and courageous.  I was all of those.  It wasn’t comfortable and I wasn’t expecting it to be. But I walked out with a spring in my step, and a feeling that I would be able to find few others that I could become great writing buddies.  I was also interested to learn that out of the 14 of us I am the only one writing a romance/drama!  Others are writing Sci-fi, fantasy, historical, non fiction, war and one lady is writing about living under the sea!

I also learnt that there are so many words and terms associated with writing that I have never heard of before, big learning curve coming up.



4. I learnt this week that trolls are just shitty people doing shitty things to get off.  I’m not going to go into details about it, but it hurt; it made me feel sick to the stomach; it made me question whether to continue blogging and sharing things “on the line”. It made me question how I parent and raise my boys. I learnt that my husband supports me and didn’t judge me and he helped me get through a situation that I wished I was never in in the first place.  We always think “It will never happen to me,” but it did. It happened to me. I went to the police. They were very honest and told me that there is so much cyber crime is it overwhelming them; as this isn’t life threatening, they will just lodge a report. I’m happy with that. Hopefully if this individual keeps doing it and people report, he will get caught eventually.


5. Lastly, on the topic of my husband, I learnt that he kind of has a romantic side. I never got a birthday cake for my birthday. I didn’t buy one as we didn’t really have a get together so to speak.  We went out for breakfast together. I had a lovely afternoon tea and cake with my dad, and take away for tea (no cooking for me!) I mentioned a few times during the week to husband that I didn’t get a birthday cake for my birthday. Well actually I kind of dropped a few big hints to him. Then last night when we got home he called me into the kitchen and he had the sweetest little cake with a candle in it. He lit it and sang me happy birthday. The best thing was we shared it and the kids got none. My heart was bursting <3.

Birthday cards and the sweetest little cake!

So, that was my week and what I learnt.  I also learnt that I didn’t know whether to use the word “learnt” or “learned”.

What about you? How was your week? What did you learn?






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  1. Loving your writing and please don’t doubt your confidence as it seems so positive to most of us. I had a few moments this week. Braved an Alice Springs reunion by myself and had a lovely chat and coffee with your Dad. Will need to be in Adelaide for a longer time in March so will catch up with you then. Lots love x

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