Stuff Happens: Sean

I could hardly contain my excitement a couple of weeks ago when I asked Mstr 10 what he had for homework and his response was “I have to write a book review.”

Secretly inside I was doing a happy dance, popping party poppers and high fiving his teacher for setting such fabulous homework.  This is so much better than doing times tables or learning words! Needless to say though, that the next hours went excruciatingly slow as I hovered around Mstr 10 eagerly awaiting him to finish. There were distractions a many – drink, toilet, snack, play with the dog, as Mstr 10 wasn’t quite as excited about this as I was.

Just taking a step back; unfortunately neither of my kids are really that into reading. I don’t know whether it is just a boy thing or the invention of iPads, iPhones, computers, YouTube and TV that is to blame.  Mstr 10 though is still half interested in reading and most nights will read when he goes to bed (although I think this is his way of negotiating a later bed time)!  I can still bribe him with a book purchase if I need to take him unwillingly to the shop, and he still asks for books as X-mas presents; so I will keep encouraging him while I can.

Now back to the book review – eventually it was written in the half print, half cursive hand writing that they are now taught. There was scribble and words crossed out and words that I couldn’t quite read as lets face it he is a boy and neat handwriting is not his thing!

stuff happens sean

File 9-03-2017, 1 26 04 PM

So here it is!  I have converted it from 10 year old hand writing to typewritten for your reading ease.

Stuff Happens:  Sean!!

What I like about my book?

I love this book so much. I like how it’s Australia. He moves and has to go to a new school and tries to find friends. He finds a friend and lies to him.

What’s the book about?

It’s about this boy from Bunbury and he moves to Monvale and gets the strictest teacher at his school. He forgot his hat and went to the no hat no play area and that’s when something special happened to him.

What I Dislike?

I thought it was a little hard to understand but other than that is was really good.


It was set in Monvale, Australia.

Bits and Pieces

Sean gets his first phone so he could speak to Eddie and Christian back in Bunbury. He has the best burger in Monvale.


How good was that?! Left us in suspense about what the “special” thing that happened to Sean in the play area was, no plot spoilers there!  I’m also keen to check out those burgers in Monvale, they sound rather delicious and are the best according to Sean.

“Stuff Happens”, is a series of books written especially for young boys growing up and touch on every day challenges that they are faced with. Every book is based on a different character (Jack, Ethan, Fadi, Cooper, Harry, Tom, Lennie, Luke, and Dale).  The books  all cover a different aspect of  “life”, and they are all written by different authors. So if you have boys I would highly recommend them.

What was your favourite book or series as a kid growing up?






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