My 6 Greatest Fears.

1:  Snakes – I’m really not sure when my phobia for snakes came about. I grew up on a farm and was greeted with snakes often at the back door or when I was out and about doing my chores. There was always a shovel at the back door and it was used to kill them.  Maybe this traumatised me, I’m not sure.  I can distinctly remember though when my eldest was a bub and we were watching The Wiggles that I had to walk out the room when they sang a song about slithering snakes.  I struggle when they are on the tv, in movies, at the zoo, and in real life.  I also get the cold shivers when I see snake print clothing, shoes, handbags etc.  I’m feeling squirmy even writing this! The only good snakes are lolly ones! File 7-04-2017, 11 18 03 AM


2:  As my boys get older, I do fear that they will end up hanging out with the wrong crowd. Boys in their teenage years, as they start to spread their wings and seek some independence; will test the boundaries and my boys is no different.  They seek to be cool and fit in and have fun and then there is peer pressure.  My fear is that those boundaries will be tested with the wrong people and consequences will be life changing.  I can only hope that the conversations we have together will lead to better choices in the actions they takes.


me and boys
Me and my crazy boys when they were “little”.


3:  Trump, Korea, nuclear weapons, war – enough said!

4:  I fear there will be a world shortage of coffee!  Even as I’m typing this at 7.30 this morning I find myself in a great little coffee cafe in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.  I think they make the best coffee in my area (and they have free wi-fi), they even roast their own beans.  I’m not a coffee – a – holic by any means, 2 a day is about my limit. But I do need the morning one. I often wonder what out world would be like with out coffee (or wine for that matter)!File 28-04-2017, 8 43 13 AM

5:  I often dream about having a car accident, and this has become a fear of mine too.  I’ve never been in on before; with the exception if a little bingle, no damage done.  In the dream that I have, I’m in a car roll over on a dirt road in the middle of no where.  My car rolls multiple times before landing on the roof. I’m stuck in the car and no one comes for me.  I wonder what this dream means and I hope like hell that it never happens.

Schmidtke Vehicle Accident Marrabel 2
This is a photo of a car accident that my Great Grand parents were in “back in the olden days”.
Joanne's 18th 2
Mum and I on my 18th birthday ❤

6:  My greatest fear, is forgetting mum.  It is this fear that has driven me to start writing and blogging and building a presence of mum on my Facebook and Insta page.  By having a day or two specifically to honor her; I know that she will be front and centre of my thoughts most days. As I inch closer to being without her for 3 years, I find I do forget the sound of her voice and the small personalty traits that she had.  I have many photos of us together and the family that I look through often.  When I look at them I try to imprint them in my brain so that I don’t forget that moment in time when it was taken.  In my passage hangs a large quilt that mum spend many hours sewing and creating, every day I walk past it and run my hand over the fine needlework that she has used to write friendship quotes.   Sometimes I find myself just standing there in front of it, looking at it, remembering her.


What is your greatest fear?




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