I Let You Go – Clare Mackintosh

When 5 year old Jacob Jordan let go of his mothers hand on a cold rainy afternoon and ran across the road to his house, he was hit and killed instantly by a car.

This scene in itself is heart wrenching to read, especially as the driver doesn’t stop.

I Let You Go

“I Let You Go follows” the story of Jenna Gray who is escaping the nightmares of this fateful night, and she finds herself making a new life in a small seaside village. Here she is able to escape the scenes that haunt her from that night and heal from the loss of her own child.  Enter an abandoned puppy and a local vet; and they ever so slowly begin a relationship.  She is never able to let her guard down though, she has secrets that need to be kept for the sake of her own safety.

The second part of the story is told from the perspective of Detective Inspector Ray Stevens and his work partner Kate Evans.  They  have been tasked to investigate the hit and run. They work tirelessly together for a year, but are unable to make an arrest or gather any substantial evidence that leads to an arrest. Ray’s story tells of his struggle to balance home and work life; often spending more time with Kate than he does with his own wife.  He has a teenage son that is also going off the rails; this makes for a nice side story as this plays out.

Enter the third character in this story – Ian Peterson.  He is nasty.  He is the deliverer of domestic violence to women. I did not like this man at all; and at times I felt enraged reading about him. He is an antagonist. He crushes his victims spirits and batters their bodies.

At times this story was difficult to follow.  Nearly each chapter was swapping between the 3 main characters; and it wasn’t always clear from the start, unlike some books that title what character each chapter is written about.  The plot moves along quite well and the suspense increases after each chapter.

The climax of this story happens when all 4 of these characters come together.  There are arrests made for the hit and run and the guilty party is made to pay.

This book is not for everybody.  I found the scenes of domestic violence quite repulsive; but it really added to the strength of Jenna’s character.  My heart broke for her many times throughout the book.

I’ve rated this book /5

What are you thoughts on this? Is this a book you would read?








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  1. I struggle to read anything with violence in it and especially if children are involved. That might make me an ostrich burying her head in the sand hiding from unpleasantness but I would rather read a lighter book with a happy ending (no, not that kind of happy ending :O)

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