“Before the Fall” – by Noah Hawley

A big thank you to my friend – Suzy!

She offered to do a short review of “Before the Fall”, by Noah Hawley, a book that she has recently finished.

Great to have something for my “non romantic” followers!

before the fall

Thiller / mystery novel : 11 people on a charted flight to New York, the plane crashes 16 minutes after take off and there are only 2 survivors.

This book centers on the the aftermath of the crash and also details the individual stories of the passengers on the flight as to how they came about to being on that particular flight, the links between the passengers, and why the plane crashed.

It also explores how the media uses it’s influence to create all the ‘conspiracy’ theories of why and or who made the plane crash, and is the adult survivor a hero or conspirator?

I really enjoyed this book – found it hard to put down once started.

Suzy rated this book /5

Has something happened to you on a flight?

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