The Twilight Hour – a book review.

Not good, but not bad; a bit blah and a bit ok.

The Twilight Hour, by Nicci Gerrard

I actually grabbed this as an audio book with CD’s to listen in my car and I also downloaded it on my Kindle so I could read and listen at the same time – how clever am I?!

So, this is one of those books that just meanders along. There were parts that held me captive and parts that I wanted to skip through.

The story is about Eleanor Lee who is 94 years young, almost blind and lives by herself in a large 2 story house. She has a large family of children and grand children who eventually convince her that she needs to move out of this big family home and into somewhere where she can be cared for.

What is stopping her is an attic/library/house full of treasures and memories – photos, books, paintings and most importantly letters.

Letters that no other have seen and letters that hold a secret she has not shared with another sole.

A friend of the family, Peter is employed to go through these things and comes across the letters. Intrigued, he and Eleanor spend many nights by the fire, drinking wine and talking.

Eleanor tells the story of these letters to Peter. The story of lust and a love lost and found. Of forbidden love. A story of going to war, and marrying the person you don’t love but will care and provide for you. A story of sibling rivalry. There is betrayal, grief, and a special friendship is formed with each other.

At times the story jumps from present back to when Eleanor was in her early twenties. The tenses change from past to present and from person to person. Often I got a bit confused when this happened, but that’s not hard to do!!

Eleanor is a feisty character who I adored; and it often made me think of my own grandparents and how we as a family went about packing up their possessions and treasures.

Overall, this was a easy read/listen.

Rating: 🐤/5

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