I Liked my Life – a novel by Abby Fabiasch


A beautiful, strong and emotional novel about guilt, relationships, friendships, healing, dealing and forgiveness.  It made me laugh and cry and feel love.

I’m into a bit of habit of looking for the coloured stickers on the spines of the books that show what year the book was published – I’m looking for 2017 – new books.  Does anyone else do this?? This was one of them, so I grabbed it.  I loved the front cover; and the promise of a story about love and loss.

I read the first few chapters of this book and just couldn’t get into it.

The first chapter opens with Madeleine – who has committed suicide by jumping off a building.  She is now a spirit that is yet to pass into her next life, and is watching over her grieving husband and daughter and goes about finding someone that can fill the void in their life that she left.

The mere fact that she was a spirit and this was happening didn’t grab me.

If you’ve read some of my blogs you will know that I really struggle to understand and “believe” in the afterlife, and all things spiritual.

So, this book went back to the library.  As I poked it into the return shute, my eyes caught this same novel as an Audiobook (CD).

You have probably noticed that I have taken to listening to them in my car while I’m driving the kids from one side of town to another for sport, and doing the school run.

Feeling like a dill, I asked the librarian if I could re-check out the book, again; as well as the CD.

I was so glad I made this decision and gave this novel another go.

I absolutely loved listening to it (in fact I never read any more of the book, I just listened to it).  It was beautifully narrated, capturing the characters of Brady – the husband, and Eve – the daughter.  And of course, Madeleine (or Maddy).

The novel is told from the point of view of all 3 of these characters and how they struggle to come to terms and understand why their wife and mother took her own life.

A journal that Maddy has keeps over the year’s offers them some clues and answers; but raises many more questions.

Brady and Eve both question their own actions that lead to her death.  Brady being a work-a-holic, and Eve and typical 17 year old teen.  They are both laden with guilt.

Maddy is watching from a far and is able to influence thoughts and actions that lead to new relationships, and to rebuilding old ones. All the while trying to send clues about the real reason she died.

There were a lot of relateable situations and discussions in this book.  Things that I felt and went through when mum died, albeit in different circumstances.

It really made me think about the relationship I have with those close to me.  About the bonds between Mothers and their daughters, Fathers and their daughters. How those bonds can easily be broken and how they can be healed.

This novel was a winner for me.

Rating:  /5

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