Welcome to The Emerging Chook!

My name is Jo, and thank you for joining me on my emerging journey.

I live in a house with 4 males! A husband, 2 sons and a beautiful border collie. This has benefits (no pink, fairies, tutu’s or ballet); but has downsides too (think pee on toilet seat, dog poo collections and stinky boy rooms), but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I was born and grew up in the countryside of South Australia. Farm girl and country girl at heart. At the spritely age of 2, I was given the nickname of “Chook” by my Aunty.  I used to fuss and flap around like an old chook (apparently, go figure)?!  This nick name stuck and I was only known as Chook all through my growing up years until I moved to the city as an adult. Now I’m mostly known as Jo, but those that knew me in my younger years still call me Chook, and my dear niece calls me Aunty Chook!

Growing up I spend my days at school, then help with the farm chores and spend hours in the kitchen baking or sewing or making crafty creations with my mum. In my adult days I still had these days and times with mum. The crafty creations progressing to quilts, and baking days with the grandkids. These are some of my most memorable days.

But I took my mums life for granted, thinking she would alway be here for me, that we would always have those days in the kitchen, sewing room or just be there in general.

Her life was cut short by cancer. My life changed. I went backwards and sidewards, instead of forwards. I thought I was dealing with losing her, but I wasn’t.

So eventually, after some prodding from a dear friend I started writing about it and it was cathartic. I’ve started to rekindle my creative spirit; sketching, photography and baking to name a few.  I’m embarking on a project of preserving my mum’s recipes as a creative outlet and also as a promise I made to her before she passed.  This is how The Emerging Chook has been born.

This blog is about healing, dealing and emerging into the world again.  It’s a place that I will share my writing, my photos, my creative journey and recipe book that is helping me land on my feet again. It’s a place where you might come for a cuppa, a quiet moment of reflection, a recipe and the realisation that you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings if you are trying to find yourself again.